Monday, 12 March 2018

Exploring Language

Room 12 have been learning about different word types and their functions.
We used our swimming lessons as an experience to generate words and organise them according to the following categories;

We then learned how to create sentences that included at least one of each word type, in order to enhance our descriptions.
Here are some examples of our descriptions of swimming...

Swimming by Ashwin

I bravely backflip into the icy water. I slowly splash in the freezing pool. The powerful wind blows a big wave over my head. A giant wave tips me over. My body descends quickly to the bottom of the deep pool.

Swimming by Aarav

The bubbling water gently surrounds me. My feet float happily in the freezing water. Lightly, my fingers flutter through the transparent waves. I quickly kick my powerful legs. Water splashes everywhere. 

Swimming pool by Arshia

In the transparent pool, I casually float. Enthusiastically, I dive in the clear water. I gently submerge under the calm wai. My strong legs start to kick quickly as I hold onto the flutterboard. I wildly splash excited people.

Swimming by Brooklyn

I descend happily into the calm water. I jump excitedly into the soft wave pool. I swim swiftly into the exquisite, calm water and I am surrounded. The water is freezing, like frozen ice. I am floating happily in the wave pool. Soon, I stare slowly, sinking down to the bottom of the pool, blowing bubbles. 

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